Siberian hermits. Honey from Siberia

Siberian hermits fascinated the whole Japan with their honey.

Siberia is rich in native minorities, which reside in the vast expanses of taiga. Tribute Khakass, living along Chulym belong to these forest residents. They didn’t enter the state farms. During the Soviet Union time they were registered as hunters-fieldmen and didn’t take part in formation of the communist society.They didn’t attend schools and their children didn’t go to kindergardens. And so they’ve never been to theatres and never had cell phones. Nowadays, there are less than 450 people in the north of Bogotol and Achinsk districts of Krasnoyarsk region.

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They live in small, wrecked houses and mud huts surrounded by impassable taiga, charming with its mysticism.They still perform shamanistic rituals with tambourine, play the jaw harp and sing guttural singing. Japanese specialists in honey production found these hermits travelling through the whole Russia and hit the ground running buying up all honey they have in stock, which literrally fascinated the whole Japan. A big shipping container full of Bortia honey produced by Chulym Khakass is sent annually from Krasnoyarsk to the Land of the Rising Sun.
At the present day Bortia honey is the most expensive in Japan. It is made by Khakass hermits community headed by Andrey Medonos, who spent a long time living with them and took the vows with this kindest nation, for whom friendship, mutual supportiveness and beneficience are the governing life principles. Their wisdom: “Bonify without profit motive, expectations and gain”.

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Bortia honey in cedar barrel.

Bortia honey

Bortia is a big wooden bee-tree  (analogue of a tree hollow ), empty inside. It is set at the far-off beegardens, deep in Siberian taiga, where there are no tame grass, only taiga herbs. Bees work throughout summertime. And by the autumn bortia is filled with healthful honey. Extrinsic value of bortia honey is in its ripeness. Honey ripens, excess humidity vanishes away from it, and it soaks up all the fragrances lingering around taiga. Honey is taken out of bortia only once, in the end of the summer. Beekeeper smokes bees out with a bee smoker. With the help of wooden paddle  (bortia honey shouldn’t be in contact with an iron) pulls out tongues of honeycombs full of honey, bee-bread, pollen, drone and royal jelly. This honey contains all the kinds of bee production  (including bee venom) balanced by nature. As soon as honey is taken out of bortia, we put it into the cedar barrels.

Our wise  ancestors turned attention to the Siberian cedar. The cedar wood holds curative properties and enormous amount of energy, similar to human energy and serves as a bioaccumulator. Cedar wood contains entire pharmacy, depository of vitamins and micro-elements: B1, B2, PP, E, A, magnesium, manganese, silicon, potassium, vanadium, iron, iodine. In the course of life man loses his energy, thus upset conditions arise in his body. They lead to weakness, fatigue, irritability and diseases. Reacting with cedar wood honey soaks up all the range of natural vitamins, minerals and organic composition of flora. Cedar shares its useful properties with bortia honey which is put inside the barrel.

Our barrels are made through toasting using environmentally pristine edible glue as it was done by craftsmen in Siberian villages 100 and more years ago. Each barrel is leakproof  and  sealed with natural bee wax.

Siberian wonder- bortia honey in cedar barrel prevents and cures lots of diseases. It is exceptionally rich in enzymes (biologically active elements), which promote metabolic process in the body, preventing general ageing. Nowadays Northern bortia honey is not a food stuff, but the medicinal product. These properties of bortia honey were well-known to our ancestors, and it was sold in pharmacies before the revolution.

Bortia honey in cedar barrel – is an ideal combination and irreplaceable healer in any medicine chest. It will help You and Your relatives stay healthy. You have the unique opportunity to get two invaluable gifts of Siberian nature: bortia honey in cedar barrel for Your health and longevity!!!

BORTIA HONEY  Take it on daily basis dosing 50 to 90 g. Divide this dose for 3-5 takings. Treatment course lasts for 1-2 months  (other sweets have to be excluded).

It is strongly recommended not to mix honey with hot water, as all the enzymes lose their properties. You should drink a glass of water, then eat honey as slowly as you can mixing it with saliva for the better absorption and digestion.

Our cedar barrel is made by Siberian craftsmen for a full due! We recommend you to keep using it for honey storage and hive products.

Stir up thoroughly before use.